Hot Enough to Hashtag: A+D in the Social Media world

As the marketing and media landscape continues to change every day, never has building and sustaining brand equity been harder. But, while this is the case, there’s a strong argument being put forward for investing our marketing activities in new channels. The word ‘influencer’ seems to be thrown about a little too recklessly – but is there a lesson or two the A+D community can take from the world of avant-garde social media? Here we get to grips with the politics of ‘likes’, alternative marketing, and prolonging the reach of our digital presence through social media.

Moderator and Speakers

Sophia Watson - Moderator

Co-Editor of Indesign

Adele Bates from Adele Bates

With over 12 years of experience as an Interior Designer, Adele is recognised for her passion and innovation by her clients and industry peers. Adele is an active member within the design community and a council member within the Design Institute of Australia. Her experience lies in many project types from residential, multi-residential, hospitality, retail, workplace and education. As the director of her eponymous practice she has created, she continues to create a truly collaborative and approachable environment for the team, clients and aligned consultants.

Angela Ferguson from Futurespace

As the Managing Director and owner of Futurespace, Angela helps clients create future focused, innovative, intelligent and practical physical spaces that inspire and add value. She is passionate about the built environment and the positive impact it can have on individuals and corporate communities. For more than two decades, Angela has worked on workplace; education, residential, building refurbishments and even child care sectors. With her experience, she has been able to develop design strategies that directly relate to a specific business, to drive innovative design solutions and to develop responsive accommodation results.

Dr Jonathon Hutchinson

Dr Jonathon Hutchinson arrived at the University of Sydney in 2012. Before then, he held teaching positions at RMIT University in Melbourne and UTS in Sydney. His current research projects explore everyday social media use, the role of social media influencers within co-creative environments, and how social media is used in cyber-terrorism. He is a trained ethnographer and has been published in many leading national and international journals. Given the significance of social media in contemporary communication, he is also interested in user relationships in mediated environments, prompting his development of eResearch methodologies for social media network analysis.

David Flack from Flack Studio

David Flack established his own interior architecture and design studio in 2014, armed with experience and skill acquired working in collaborative environments at some of Melbourne’s top design practices. Since then, Flack Studio’s designs have garnered industry attention and caught the critical eye of peers he admires. Flack Studio has grown to a team of eight and are currently based in their newly ‘flackified’ studio in Fitzroy, Melbourne. Flack Studio currently have 18 projects in construction and a further 20 in various stages of design development – working across a mix of residential and commercial projects both within Australia and overseas.

Medora Danz

Medora Danz is Blu Dot's Senior Vice President, at the helm of the incredible international growth of this USA-based contemporary design studio. With a keen understanding of Blu Dot's design ethos – its sense of joy, fun and cheekiness – Medora has carved a niche in the global A+D community for integrating the brand's design intent into its commercial operations. She has also been instrumental in appreciating the extent to which issues of equity – gendered, social and ethnic – play and integral role in the future direction of this global community.