Seminar Series

You gon’ learn today. For #SID17 we’re bringing back our WorkLife and LiveLife seminar series to ensure that your day in design is as informative (and a tad controversial) as possible. These seminars are brimming with as much spirit, reflection and adventure as the inquisitive world of A+D requires. Butting in on the design discussion across Asia Pacific, these lively and heated industry debates put a spotlight on A+D in a wholly new way. Surrounding topics relevant to the disciplines and professions of A+D today, the focus may be Australian but the insightfulness is valid worldwide.


WorkLife is a series of panel discussions among industry experts and global thought leaders exploring ‘The Future of the Workplace’, hosted in showrooms and with an emphasis on translating insights to the local market.

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Habitus magazine presents LiveLife, a unique conversation series that explores living in design. During Sydney Indesign showrooms will be given the opportunity to host LiveLife discussions, curated by the Indesign Editorial team.

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