Zip Water unveils the new Zip HydroTap® All-In-One ARC and Vestal by Zip!

You spoke - and Zip listened!

The new All-In-One ARC is a result of overwhelming demand from Zip Water customers wanting a product that delivers all – instant filtered, boiling, chilled and sparkling water combined with a regular mixer tap with unfiltered hot and cold-water options (perfect for washing up).

The impressive Vestal by Zip is a hybrid beverage system which enables filtered, still or sparkling drinking water to be dispensed in combination with craft beers, wines, ciders and cocktails.

With advanced energy efficiency and best-in-class cooling technology, the Zip HydroTap® All-in-One ARC also performs to the highest standards of environmental responsibility and sustainability.

Unlike water-cooled systems, its air-cooled ventilation system doesn’t use precious water, instantly quenching your thirst while doing its bit to help the planet.

Zip want to celebrate the exciting launch with you at this year's annual Indesign event! Join the team at the innovative Zip Water display stand designed by renowned architectural firm SJB to experience the Zip Effect. Their new Vestal by Zip will have a delicious range of wine, beer and Espresso Martinis on tap and they'll also have a unique Cocktail Tasting Station with water infused cocktails collaboratively designed by I Quit Sugar.


WHAT: Zip Water’s Cocktail Tasting Station at Sydney Indesign

WHERE: 55 Doody Street, Alexandria

WHEN: From 4pm until 6pm Friday August 11

MORE INFO?: enquire by contacting / 02 9356 2711

Guests can register upon arrival at The Venue