Ipse Ipsa Ipsum Takes Local Design to A New High

In today’s society where homogeneity is the order of life, conforming to norms, quite frankly, leads to the loss of individuality. That, exactly, is the problem that Ipse Ipsa Ipsum, a luxurious yet accessible furniture brand founded last year in Singapore, wants to solve.

“It takes an ordinary person to do extraordinary things because we are capable of doing so much more than we think,” explains Ipse Ipsa Ipsum’s Creative Head Saurabh Mangla, who has infused in the brand a set of design codes that are steeped in heritage and traditional Indian craftsmanship. “From product design and development to the retail environment, we want to fire up our imagination and present customers with choices to make living exceptional,” he adds.

For this year’s Singapore Indesign, Ipse Ipsa Ipsum will present the full expression of its first co-authored range created in collaboration with renowned local designer Nathan Yong.

The brand’s vision for individuality comes through in the variety of options that you get to personalise your pieces. For example, you can select from multiple variations of a sofa by adding on different components such as an additional lamp or mirror. You can also choose between grey or white leather hides to adorn the hand-forged sofa, making it a part of a home that’s truly your own.

All you have to do to fully experience the flexibility of Ipse Ipsa Ipsum in person at Sam & Sara is to register for Singapore Indesign, here! See you on 7 October!