Who is Øivind Slaatto?

He’s a Copenhagen industrial designer who truly understands the impact that light has on ambience and a person’s mood. When the lighting is good, he feels happy; when it’s too strong, he gets headaches and, when it’s really poor, he becomes physically ill. “I use this handicap – my sensitiveness to light – to benefit my designs,” says the 39-year-old who’s the brain behind Bang & Olufsen’s contemporary-art-ish BeoPlay A9 speakers and Le Klint’s sculptural Swirl lamps.

Slaatto is also the genius who developed the Patera for Danish lighting manufacturer Louis Poulsen in 2015. Inspired by math (read: the Fibonacci sequence), the shape of the sun and the incredibly compelling patterns found in nature, the pendant is visually intriguing – almost like poetry.

Win a Louis Poulsen Patera at Singapore Indesign 2017!

Win a Louis Poulsen Patera pendant at Singapore Indesign 2017!

“You will find the spiral pattern wherever you look in nature, like in the seed formation in sunflowers and pinecones, for instance," he explains. “What you find in nature is the result of billions of years of evolution. Since only the best design has survived, it would be stupid not to study what you find out there,” he adds.

Fondly known as the 21st-century offspring of Louis Poulsen’s popular PH lamp, the Patera directs light through small diamond-shaped cells that sit at various angles to the source. Like what Poul Henningsen did with the iconic Paris lamp, Slaatto managed to conceal the glary bulb and, in turn, create the cosy ambience that people are receptive of.

Now here’s the best part:

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