Can Design be Validated as a Currency in Singapore?

Indesign Media Asia Pacific’s very own CEO and Publisher Raj Nandan spoke to Australian Broadcasting Network Sky News about the recently concluded event Sydney Indesign 2017 and the upcoming Singapore edition.

After Sydney, the next stop in Indesign: The Event’s calendar is Singapore Indesign 2017 on Saturday 7 October.

“Our entire business is based on promoting the design of our region to the rest of the world rather than just accepting what’s happening in the rest of the world over here,” said Nandan when asked about branching out to the Little Red Dot.

“Singapore is interesting because the design culture is quite young,” he adds. “The uptake in promoting design and validating it as a currency take on so much in Singapore.”

Nandan believes that the combination of design cultures in Asia, New Zealand and Australia will create something completely unique from Europe and the US.

“We sometimes automatically think whatever is happening in the US or Europe is something that we should adopt here,” he says.

Indesign Media’s publications are dedicated to communicating the wealth of design talents in the region. “The world should be paying attention to us,” says Nandan.

Watch the complete interview, here:

Registrations for Singapore Indesign is open! Click here to be part of the region’s celebration of design!