In 1994, more than fifteen years before trend forecaster Lidewij Edelkoort declared ‘wellbeing’ one of the most important international trends, Jan te Lintelo (b. 1954) started a brand that radiates ‘enjoying the good life’ in every possible way. Raised by parents who owned a furniture store in The Netherlands, and having worked for Dutch companies Pastoe, Rohé and Gelderland, he had noticed the domination of minimalism in the early nineties. British and Italian design gurus were promoting an anonymous, almost sterile interior style in which practically anything personal was hidden in cupboards, and anything ‘comfortable’ expelled to the bedroom. Jan te Lintelo, commercial director of Dutch furniture company Gelderland at the time, had exactly the same experience. The cosmopolitan flair of the collection is due to collaboration with internationally renowned designers like Paola Navone, Niels Bendtsen, Anders Nørgaard, Samuel Chan, Jan des Bouvrie and Henk, Roderick and Bart Vos.