Saturday Program

MID returns to its Saturday In Design roots on day two, with intimate events across Richmond and Collingwood. Installations with catering and sensory delights will transform spaces into areas for telling stories, not just showing off brands.

One of the studios will be hosting PIONEER – a platform dedicated to the best in independent Australian design.

The Gent Factory in Cremorne, one of Melbourne’s up and coming design hotspots, will see a showcasing of a range of cool smaller brands.

Not sure where to start on Saturday? We’ve got trails focussing on Green design, buying and specifying, and a trail dedicated to The Project, all to help guide you through the showrooms in the city. All trails will be marked on maps and let you know where to find the most creative installations, best deals and most environmentally friendly products.

Click here to view the bus routes for Saturday

Saturday Showrooms

Whether permanent or pop-up, the showrooms across the city are the portals to the best in furniture, lighting, flooring, fixtures and fittings.

Saturday In Design’s point of difference has always been allowing brands to tell their own stories, and these spaces will keep with MID’s famed rejection of the regimented tradeshow. This year, the Richmond and Collingwood suburbs see the Saturday In Design experience, ensuring an unobtrusive geographic footprint and making it super easy for visitors to navigate the event.