AJAR Furniture & Design x DKO Architecture

This year, AJAR is teaming up with DKO Architecture to interpret “Evolution” in Melbourne Indesign 2016’s The Project. Their showroom will house the creation of the DKO team, which will comment on the notions of evolution in the context of contemporary design. AJAR has wanted to work with DKO architecture having seen first hand their design work in projects like the Collingwood Bedford St multi residential, which has also evolved the street scape into the sophisticated inner urban profile it enjoys now.

Evolution is one of the driving forces of Design – through a series of modifications, adaptations and development, we advance through trial and error towards a result that encapsulates an idea. Watch out for a dynamic space that provokes conversation and discussion, a strong image of evolution in design and all its associations. Explore this collaboration at: AJAR, 15 Johnston St, Collingwood