Spotlight: Leif

LEIF is an Australian producer of bath & body products, whose formulas are clean, natural and share a distinctly Australian character. Botanical extracts and essential oils are sourced so each product celebrates the diverse flora of our truly unique continent, and we're happy to have them as a sponsor for MID16 Having created the identity and iconic packaging for celebrated cosmetic brands including Kevin Murphy, O&M and Körner Skincare, Sydney based Container now have a range that they call their own. Co-founder Jonnie Vigar notes "A model of a fine necked bottle used to sit in our design studio and friends would often comment on its unusual form. They’d ask who it was for but there was no client, after years of questioning we began to think about trying to fill it ourselves. It sounds back to front but as designers we see a very close link between the package and the product that it contains "The message is the bottle but the formula must deliver on that promise, product integrity is essential. We want Leif to reflect the best of Australia, to promote the unique indigenous naturals and package them in a modern way that reflects who we are today." An early sample was sent to Wallpaper* magazine and quickly found itself shortlisted as ‘Best New Grooming Product’ in their annual Design Awards. LEIF looks to connect emotionally and find a home with those who know a good thing when they see it, to date it has been offered through independent retailers who all share design integrity in common.