Are We Fed Up With Fame? Announcing Our Guest Speakers

Is celebrity still a valuable currency in the business of design and do so-called starchitects use this celebrity to safe-guard themselves from criticism? We'll be discussing this ideas and more at the WorkLife seminar special on fame With the popular growth of architecture and design has come the rise of the celebrity. Call them starchitects or simply famous designers, their presence is undeniable. Are we tired of this though? Talking all about fame and its place in design at a special event during Melbourne Indesign's WorkLife seminar series are... Alexander Lotersztain: The Argentinian born Australian designer and founder of multi-disciplinary design studio Derlot brings a wealth of experience to the table. His highly awarded studio specialises in product, furniture and interior design, as well as hotel concepts, branding and art direction. With his work appearing in design journals around the world and seen in the Pompidou Museum in Paris, Alexander will certainly have something to say about fame. Adele Bates: An essential name in the Melbourne, and Australian, design scenes, Adele has worked as an Interior Designer for over 12 years, and is recognised for her passion and innovation by her clients and peers alike. Adele is an active member within the design community and a council member within the Design Institute of Australia. Her experience lies in many project types from residential, mil-residential, hospitality, retail, workplace and education. Anthony Bologna: Design Director of Trout studio, Anthony bring a professional and personal passion for innovative and creative design. Anthony has spent over 15 years experience producing cutting edge communications for famous local and global brands, and happens to harbour a personal love of modern architecture and interior design. These three movers and shakers of design will be wrangled in by the Indesign magazine editorial team, who'll be moderating the event which will surely be seeing some sparks fly.