Exhibitor Spotlight: V-ZUG

Established in 1913, V-ZUG is the Swiss market leader for premium household appliances, known as the master of steam, steam is an integral part of V-ZUG’s product range, which melds innovation, functionality and elegance with captivating design. Professional chefs have long known how to use steam cooking to achieve the best results, but enthusiastic consumers have now also discovered the benefits of this technique and are equipping their kitchens with steam appliances. You can taste and see the difference: steam cooking preserves food’s nutrients, dishes are flavoursome, crunchy and succulent whilst retaining their appetising colours. With the launch of the Combi-Steam MSLQ in 2015, the first appliance in the world to combine conventional, steam and microwave cooking, the consumer is given virtually unlimited possibilities. Cooking has never been so quick and gentle. V-ZUG is showing off a range of its steam appliances at its showroom, located at 2/796 High St, East Kew Victoria.