Designed By Sound

Music plays a big role in setting up a new home, as well as bringing an old one to life. Traditionally setting up a speaker system has meant big ugly boxes and lots of cords making for quite an eye sore. For interior designers, this can pose a challenge in finding clever ways to disguise or hide the speakers. Not to mention many speakers need to be placed in strategic places around a room to amplify the sound, adding yet another challenge to designing a space. However, setting up the right system is an important step in making sure a home is equipped with everything it needs to make each room sing. Adding WiFi speakers to your house is akin to rearranging the furniture or adding a whole wing to the house. It changes the vibe and makes everything feel that little bit fuller. More connected. In fact, a recent study conducted by Sonos – the Music Makes it Home study which surveyed 30,000 people in eight different countries including Australia – found that music played out loud in the home leads to stronger relationships, more intimacy, happier families and more quality time spent together. Thanks to Sonos, integrating a sound system into a home no longer needs to be a challenge. Sonos is committed to creating thoughtful, timeless and versatile smart speakers that integrate seamlessly in home environments without wires. Each device is software enabled meaning that updates keep the products up-to-date whenever new software is released. One of the most exciting features of the Sonos PLAY:1, PLAY:3 and PLAY:5 is that they have built-in tuning so no matter where they are placed, they can be tuned so the sound is never compromised. This means no more restrictions with placing speakers in the part of the room that will make it sound the best. So forget the drama of trying to outfit a room. Forget about hiding those unsightly cables or finding the optimal listening 'sweet' spot. Sonos is music for the way people live, and its sleek, simple and beautiful speakers bring great sounding music to every room of the home.