Artedomus Launches Agapecasa

MID exhibitor Artedomus is proudly introducing the Agapecasa : The Mangiarotti Furniture Collection to Australia. This is the first collection in this remarkable range of Italian made furniture and it centres around the design ideas and classic prototypes from the archives of architect Angelo Mangiarotti, one of the leading exponents of 20th-century Italian design. A committed, cultivated and brilliant designer, Mangiarotti was capable of embracing the ideals of the Modern Movement and going beyond them with his experimental and original designs. This is a diverse collection with pieces represented from the 50s onwards, yet it remains outstandingly modern and consistent despite being designed across a fifty-year time span. Agapecasa is a unique collaboration between Studio Mangiarotti and Agape. Agapecasa extends the Agape vision with original pieces including chairs, tables & storage units, that are refined, functional and modern conceived by an extraordinary architect whose experimentation established new reference parameters in typology, form and construction. Artedomus has been searching for and sourcing, unique stone, tiles, architectural surfaces and bathware from around the world and introducing them to Australia for more than 25 years, and we can't wait to see the the Mangiarotti Furniture Collection when they show it off at Melbourne Indesign 2016.