2016’s Seminar Discussion Events announced

The Melbourne Indesign Seminar Series is back, with what we think is our most exciting series of panel discussions yet. We don’t mean to brag, but this year we’ve really got something special when it comes to the talks. The MID 2016 Seminar Series takes the form of two distinct programs focussing on two facets of design – WorkLife, and LiveLife. WorkLife sees a series of six discussion panels focussing on the design industry. From how we work in design to how design shapes our work, these panels will delve deep into how our industry works. The events… The Gender Imbalance: Can we really say that we’re delivering diverse solutions when there are so few women in leadership roles? Experimentation In Design: If we focus too strongly on commercial outcomes, are we killing the power of our individuality? Are We fed Up with Fame?: Is celebrity still a valuable currency in the business of design and do so-called starchitects use this celebrity to safeguard themselves from criticism? Who Hired the Project Manager?: Coordinating the design team is no easy task, so why is the project manager seen as the villain of the design process? Designing for the Public: How the public perceives design often differs to how the industry does, so how is designing for the public different from designing for the private? The War for Talent: How can design foster a sense of community in a working environment?   LiveLife takes design to the home, and features a series of three highly curated discussion events that look at how design influences and affects our day-to-day life. The events… Heritage and Australian Identity: What architecture and design is historicaly important and worth protecting, and what just causes cultural cringe? Disrupting Design Living: How can we best design to create a sense of community, and to what degree is it design’s responsibility? Lighting the Home: How do we live within light, and can function and decoration ever truly be equal in modern lighting design?