TOTO Victoria

Leading supplier of Japanese sanitary ware and integrated bidet Washlets. 500 sqm Flagship showroom located in Mitcham, we supply high-end bathroom products to the retail and commercial markets that showcase the best in technology and design. Announcing the release of the TOTO Neorest LE II, a revolution in sanitary ware technology. The latest Neorest is the world’s cleanest wall-mounted Washlet integrated toilet, equipped with technologies that allows users to take advantage of personal cleaning through a warm water shower function, as well as a toilet bowl surface incorporating TOTO’s new Actilight technology. The new photo-catalytic layer glazed on top of a CeFiONtect glaze that is smooth down to the nanometer level is activated by UV light that shines when the lid is closed to break down bowl surface bacteria. Due to the hydrophilic properties of the photocatalyst, the bowl surface is attracted to water and more resistant to waste. The pearlised titanium-dioxide photo-catalytic glazing also provides excellent durability and a beautiful pearl-like lustre. In addition, electrolysed water made from tap water is automatically dispersed over the bowl surface after toilet use to break down waste and disinfect. The gently sloping toilet seat lid lends a softness to the sharp look of the square-shaped body and manages to produce a graceful mood in your bathroom. In addition to the standard silver type, the stick remote control is now also available in a brushed gold finish, or brushed stainless steel for the Neorest LE I. Visit the Rokeby Studios pop up gallery to see the Neorest LE II and working TOTO displays including the illuminated LED Luminist washbasin.