Scandinavian Business Seating

Come and join us celebrate the latest colour trends inspired from Scandinavia. We will be exhibiting our signature products from HÅG and RBM including the new Noor Up, Twisted Little Star, Noor and Capisco in the new colour trends created by our Swedish partner Form us with Love. The Scandinavian Business Seating exhibition space, created in collaboration with Bullet Studios, plays on the history and evolution of the HÅG Capisco first designed in 1984. This timeless piece of furniture has never been more relevant in todays evolving workplace. We will be demonstrating evolution through layered sheer curtains to illustrate how our HÅG Capisco chair mimics human movement. The 3 layers of curtains transform and evolve depending on from which angle you look at them providing dimension to the space. To test the iconic Capisco chair and be in the running to win one for yourself, come and visit our stand over the course of Melbourne Indesign at Rokeby Studio 2. Be sure to come and meet the newest addition to the RBM Family, RBM Noor Up, check out our iconic Capisco will be decked out in the new Scandinavian Colour Trend Textiles collection for 2016-2017 and find out more about the new trend textiles inspired by the Scandinavian Nature.