Oxley & Butterworth

Our collections are designed to stand alone in a room and pass through generations of time. Each design is conceived and produced entirely in Australia by skilled artisans with a long history of producing high quality, handcrafted collections. The marks of each maker are evident in the final pieces, from small striations in the glass to spinning marks in the aluminium. Each leather piece is moulded entirely by hand and celebrates the beauty in the imperfect hides, the Porcelain is all hand made in the Victorian studio and Aluminium spun in Clayton by a second generation metal spinner. We love the beauty and the character inherent in a hand made object, we cherish the skills it takes to produce high quality art and believe in buying once and buying quality. Every piece is unique for this reason. Designs are created to enhance the natural beauty of the materials that produce them. The materials used in each piece are chosen for the inherent beauty they bring to the collection. Natural materials and textures are manipulated using uncomplicated lines and fine details. Our entire collection is made to order and can be completely customised to suit a clients requirements.