Darkon Lighting

The Darkon design philosophy encompasses two essential elements - One: To create luminaires with architecturally aesthetic design features and two: To give consideration to glare control and lamp imaging aspects. Focusing on these elements, Darkon designs luminaires that are both silent and active, complementing the built environment while also creating visual statements that serve as strong architectural features.   On Day Events: On Friday, we will be hosting the LiveLife seminar called Disrupting Design Living - The New Commune which will be accompanied by morning tea & champagne. This is a ticketed event, more info can be found HERE. Saturday features a fun-filled carnival theme where there will be sideshow games with excellent prizes to be won by the lucky & the skilful! Drinks & nibbles will be served throughout the day and you can even pick yourself up a Dean Phillips Architectural Lighting Bible & Darkon USB Stick, which will be jam packed with product solutions and design inspiration!