Creative Management Solutions

Creative Management Solutions sources products from around the world and then develops relationships with dealers to distribute these products across the region. On Day Events: At Melbourne Indesign we will be featuring the following products : Hotbox - The way to personalise your workspace within the agile working environment. Featuring the release of the new spring colour collection, which features Camira Fabrics' Nexus range. As well as this, the Hotbox two-way carry bag range will be released. BeCode Locks - No Wires, No Worries - BeCode Locks are operated by long life Lithium Batteries requiring no wires and can be retrofitted to existing Cabinets or lockers. At the event, we will be releasing the new BeCode Air and NFC locks with smartphone controls as well as the new BeCode mini padlocks that have special software for parcel pickup, locker rentals and public use. Kwik-Locker - Lightweight, easy clean, aluminium locker with a range of optional finishes including laminate, melamine or glass. Ideal for both wet or dry areas. As well as all these new releases, you could win a Hotbox 2 storage unit complete with  fabric bib, shoulder strap and tablet clip just by taking the most creative photo of the Hotbox product on the day of the event!