Authentic Design Alliance

Australia is often seen as Wild West of fake designer furniture these days. ‘Replica’ or copy designs are perfectly legal and fake furniture sellers are known to even use a designers name, photography and exact product details to promote and sell knock-offs! If you were designing; how would you feel if your idea was ripped off? With the United Kingdom recently introducing penalties of up to £50,000 and even up to 10 years jail for those selling fake designer furniture, is it time for Australia to step up our game? A great chance to show your love for original design is coming to Melbourne Indesign this year, with the Authentic Design Alliance. The Authentic Design Alliance looks at the real cost of knock-offs, fakes and counterfeit designs to industry, and exists to support the integrity of original, authentic design. The Alliance is a members-based education platform supporting original design that relaunched in May of this year. Authentic Design Alliance chairperson Anne-Maree Sargeant explains, “With so many cheap copies flooding the market, and a prevailing attitude of ‘throw it out when it breaks’, buy another ‘bargain’ – cheap copies are treated as disposable decorating items. This attitude is not sustainable. Buy well and buy things you love, that last. Good design is not always expensive – supporting original design supports our own creative industries” They Stole My Design The Internet Stole My Design