(The Internet) Stole My Design

Will the recent move to criminalise copy designs in Europe and the UK lead to Australia being a dumping ground for fake designer furniture sold online? Are international replica companies squeezed out of protected territories setting their sights down under? Is the current thirst for cheap copies and laws presently endorsing ‘replica’ furniture creating a downward economic spiral? How will this downward economic spiral affect our own creative industries? There are two waves of replica product – iconic pieces by designers now long dead – and copies of original furniture and lighting designs created by Australian design talent is endemic. Will the inadequate Australian Intellectual Property protection for designer spark a massive off-shore talent drain? In April the United Kingdom introduced penalties of up to £50,000 /10 years jail for those selling fake designer furniture, so is it time for Australia to step up our game? Here from four talented Australian designers – discussing how the internet is fueling design rip-offs and direct copies at an alarming rate. Anyone opposed to design rip-offs and replicas should support the ADA campaign – join us to hear where we are at! DESIGN TALK // - Saturday 11.00am - FREE TO ATTEND, RSVP ESSENTIAL - HERE   Moderator - Anne-Maree Sargeant                   @authenticdesign_aus / @the_snap_assembly Kate Stokes                                                                 @coco_flip Ross Gardam                                                              @rossgardam Nick Rennie                                                                 @nickrenniehfd Tomek Archer                                                            @tomekarcher    Tom Skeehan                                                              @skeehanstudio