Indesign Media was born out of a desire to cover the best projects, products and people in the Asia Pacific. We are inspired by the people from our region who constantly create and consolidate the local design culture - and we’re sure they inspire you too!

Our Official Ambassadors for Melbourne Indesign are iconic in the industry, renowned and often awarded for their innovation, creativity and forward thinking. We’ve brought these key thinkers on board to help us shape Melbourne Indesign, creating an event that truly reflects our flourishing design industry. Ahead of attending the event, they will also be sharing their exclusive picks of go-see timed events, projects and products.

These four people represent four different facets of design, and we’re very proud to have them serving as Ambassadors for this year’s Melbourne Indesign!

Adèle Winteridge
The founder and creative mastermind behind Foolscap Studio, Adèle brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our event. A degree in Interior Architecture and a Masters in Sustainable Development for Built Environment has seen Adèle working across public domain, hospitality, residential, and high-end workplaces.

Emma Telfer
Emma is the Creative Director of Open House Melbourne, and like the organisation, she champions the city of Melbourne through its built environment. Open House Melbourne promotes the value of good design, architecture, planning and preservation. A previous Indesign superstar herself, Emma went on to be a founding partner of the Office For Good Design, a curatorial group that works with private organisations and cultural institutions to realise their interest in design, architecture, and the broader creative landscape.

Heidi Smith
As the workspace strategy expert at Gray Puksand, Heidi collaborates with a wide range of companies to enhance their cultural aspirations through workspace design. Actively researching new methods and advancements in design, culture and management styles, Heidi has long demonstrated a genuine curiosity and a passion for creativity in design.

Simone LeAmon
Simone has established herself as one of Australia’s foremost design creatives. As a visual artist, industrial designer, industry consultant, curator, writer and university lecturer, she has held a decades long passion for elevating the importance of design and creativity. 2015 saw Simone appointed as the Hugh Williamson Curator of Contemporary Design and Architecture at the National Gallery of Victoria.