Hong Kong Indesign is an excellent opportunity to build or reinforce your professional network. Whether you’re an established company or just starting out, there’s a number of important ways you can take advantage of this unique event:

Know Your Products

Hong Kong Indesign is a high-impact, time-effective way to see the latest products from top international and regional suppliers. By visiting targeted Exhibitors throughout the event, you’ll be up-to-date with the best design solutions for your clients.

Build Your Profile

All the top suppliers, industry personalities and media will be out and about on the day, easily identified by their branded nametags. Your firm or studio should be among them.

Know Your Competition

Hong Kong Indesign attracts some of the most ambitious and creative design minds in our collaboration series, The Project. See how they’ve created installations that push new product to its most imaginative potentials, or stay ahead of the pack and take part yourself.

Team Spirit

Engage with members of your team on both a professional and social level. Hong Kong Indesign is a great way to introduce new members of your team to the whole industry.

Have Fun

More than anything, Hong Kong Indesign is a fun day out for discovering new products, showrooms and networking with your peers… Time to enjoy!