13 Years. 5 Cities. 110,000 Visitors.

Asia Pacific’s only international design event that feels boutique, bespoke and local.

Indesign: The Event has been held annually in design centres across the Asia Pacific for over a decade. In every city, Indesign: The Event is distinguished by a coming together of boutique commercial design houses, international and regional, and leading creative figures from the architecture and design industry. Formerly named ‘Saturday in Design’, the event was first held in Sydney in 2003, founded by Indesign Media Asia Pacific, architecture and design media company, publishers of Cubes, Lookbox Living, Indesign, Habitus and DQ magazines, amongst others.

It was inspired by the idea that a design event should itself be highly designed – immersive, curated and experiential. This led to Indesign’s unique non-traditional format, eschewing the regimented tradeshow hall to unite multiple locations across the design precincts of a city. Showrooms and pop-up spaces are able to entertain people in the full spotlight of their own space, which is transformed for the event by conceptual installations (part of our ongoing collaboration series The Project), as well as hosting topical industry seminars, international guests, workshops, demonstrations and entertainment.

Why the new name?

In 2013, it was time to recognise that ‘Saturday in Design’ had grown from humble beginnings into the most anticipated design trade event on the calendar – in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Singapore and Hong Kong. Indesign: The Event is our new forward-looking umbrella name that includes Hong Kong Indesign, Singapore Indesign, Sydney Indesign, Melbourne Indesign and Brisbane Indesign. The new name also gives us flexibility to respond to years of popular demand that we extend the duration of the event! The name change has been accompanied by an empowered new look and a heightened curatorial approach, and debuted to great success in 2013 with Hong Kong Indesign and Sydney Indesign.