WorkLife Seminar Series

Indesign Media Asia Pacific has been the premier name in Australian and Asia Pacific design for over a decade, and at SaID17, we’ll be showcasing why. The sell-out success story of the last few years – our WorkLife seminar series – will once again see a range of global design trailblazers, thought-leaders and brands to share their knowledge, experience and journeys with our visitors as part of a program of seminars and discussions.

Indesign magazine presents the WorkLife series of showroom driven seminar discussions zero-ing in on a wide range of issues in architecture and design. The talks, hosted by members of the Indesign editorial team also showcase prominent members of the design community. WorkLife will take place on Friday 11 August. Architects, designers, developers, builders, end users and more are in for a real treat!

All WorkLife seminars will be ticketed events, with substantial discounts applying to members of key organisations in the architecture, design, property and construction sectors. Ticket holders will receive 1 X CPD point towards their professional accreditation.


Introducing this year’s WorkLife Seminar Series topics …


Hot  Enough to Hashtag: A+D in the Social Media World
As the marketing and media landscape continues to change every day, never has building and sustaining brand equity been harder. But, while this is the case, there’s a strong argument being put forward for investing our marketing activities in new channels. The word ‘influencer’ seems to be thrown about a little too recklessly – but is there a lesson or two the A+D community can take from the world of avant-garde social media? Here we get to grips with the politics of ‘likes’, alternative marketing, and prolonging the reach of our digital presence through social media.

Mobile-working is the New Agile: How to Design for an ‘Out of Office’ Workforce
Thirty years ago ‘going to work’ meant going to an office to complete set tasks. Today it means going to ______ to work. Between the two redefinitions lies a social, cultural and grammatical change: ‘work’ is no longer a noun, no longer a ‘given place’. As a result of mobile working options, the commercial sector is being revolutionised by other aspects of our industry: including hospitality spaces and residential environments. Is this the end of the ‘Office’? Or is it simply the end as we know it?

Kitsch, Please: How our Industry can disrupt and experiment without getting naff
Today, our workplaces are diverse hubs of design politics. Everything from agility to ABW to cubicles and change management carries enormous political clout. There is, however, a growing trend in this space to investigate the truly unique working models and design solutions which govern extreme workplaces. Whether in outer space, the deep sea, on the road or in the sky, how has design-thinking and engineering innovations in the commercial sector embraced its inner-weird?