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Here’s to the big-thinkers, to the daydreamers, to the innovators. Here’s to you. Here’s to us. Here’s to the perfect fit.

And it all started with a click.

For almost a decade, The Project has been an integral part of Indesign: The Event – and it’s coming back this year to showcase the flair of our industry’s top creatives.

Transforming our #SID17 showrooms into interactive and immersive spaces, The Project engages over 7,000 of our visitors, and provides those snapshot moments of laughter, wonder and surprise that makes you memorable.

Presenting the #SID17 theme for The Project:


Never more timely, never more important, ‘CLICK’ with us at The Project to shake things up. This year we’re inviting only the most cutting-edge creatives in the A+D field and beyond – think architects, designers, musicians, artists, fashionistas, photographers, tech-heads, and everyone in between.

The Project ensures your space – your brand – stands out. Collaborating with only the best creative talent in this country, The Project becomes #SID17’s major talking-point for social media, news, and enormously builds your digital impact.

Join the clique at The Project for #SID17 and we’ll make sure to partner you up with a creative you’ll simply just ‘click’ with seamlessly.

Click. It’s the power of instant connections

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We are now accepting applications for Sydney Indesign 2017.

If you’re ready to show off your skills and steal the show, get in touch and we’ll partner your creative genius with an exclusive brand at #SID17 for The Project.

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