Learn @ MID16

The countdown continues with less than a week to go before Melbourne Indesign 2016 kicks off!

Be sure to register your attendance online to join us for a design takeover of the city of style. But let’s get down to brass tacks. This year we’ve themed MID16 ‘Evolution’. All about growing, evolving and learning, here’s what we’re very excited to discover…

LiveLife Seminar Series – How we Live in Design:

The LiveLife seminars are a series of talks hosted by members of the Habitus editorial team featuring prominent members of the design community set to take place on August 12. Tickets for the talks are on sale now and come with a range of Hay Stationary and the latest issue of Habitus magazine!

The Talks

Heritage and Australian Identity – the Brick Veneer and the Suburbs
The Iconic Brick Veneer as our Suburban Heritage
Brick Veneer and the Suburbs: the cultural cringe about our architectural past. What architecture and design is worth protecting? How will Australian Identity evolve going forward? How important is a creating or maintaining an architectural identity? What responsibility should architects and designers have in the story of Australian identity?
Moderator: Alice Blackwood, Editor Indesign Magazine
Shelley Penn, City of Melbourne
Paul Roser, National Trust Victoria
Tim Ross, Comedian  Design Identity
Hosted by Arthur G

Disrupting Design Living – the New Commune
Disrupting Design Living
The New Commune: What defines a commune in terms of design? How can we best design to create a sense of community? What are the benefits of communal living? Can communal living solve Australia’s housing problems? How can design help facilitate communes that are practical? How can designers balance the need for communal living and privacy?
Moderator: Sara Savage, Assemble Papers
Clare Cousins, Clare Cousins Architects
Katy Svalbe, Amber Road
Monique Woodward, WOWOWA
Hosted by Darkon

Lighting the Home – How to Show How We Live
Lighting the home
How do we live within light? Natural vs. manmade lighting – where should design attention go? When designing, can function and decoration ever truly be equal? Is lighting design intended to be seen or should it just illuminate space? What level of environmental responsibility should lighting design take?
Moderator: Mark Elliot
Christopher Boots, Christopher Boots
Nick Harding, HA Architects
Ross Hines, Tongue & Groove
Volker Haug
Hosted by AJAR

WorkLife Seminar Series – How Design Works in the Office

The WorkLife seminars are a series of talks hosted by the Indesign editorial team and features prominent members of the architecture and design communities taking place on August 12. Tickets for the talks are on sale now and come with a range of Hay Stationary, a formal CPD Point for architects and designers, and the latest issue of the newly relaunched Indesign Magazine.

The Talks

The Gender Imbalance
Gender Bender in A&D
Can we really say that we’re delivering diverse solutions when there are so few women in leadership roles? How can architecture and design close the wide gap between men and women’s representation in leadership positions, and what responsibility does the industry have for the notion that architecture is a boy’s club?
Moderator: Simone LeAmon
Emilio Fuscaldo
Gavin Harris, Futurespace
Laurice Temple, Former NAWIC CEO
Melonie Bayl-Smith, Bijl Architecture
Hosted by Products for People

Experimentation In Design
Experimentation v Commercialisation
If we focus too strongly on commercial outcomes, are we killing the power of our individuality? If some of the most brilliant designs and unique ideas in architecture and design were driven entirely by a commercial outcome, would they still hold a place in our minds? This ties in to how we see design – is it hard and fast rules or is it art?
Moderator: Sophia Watson, Editor Indesign Magazine
Dale Hardiman
Rosie Morely, Carr Design
Marcy Ewing, Shaw Contract
Nikos Kalogeropoulos, Molonglo Group
Tim Giles, Geyer
Hosted by Hub

Are We Fed Up with Fame?
Is celebrity still a valuable currency in the business of design? Do so-called starchitects use this celebrity to safeguard themselves from criticism? What does it say about the business of design that so much fame and celebrity status is given to those designs that channel a sense of avant-garde or novelty?
Moderator: Sophia Watson, Editor Indesign Magazine
Adele Bates, Adele Bates Design
Anthony Bologna, Trout Creative
Alexander Lotersztain, Derlot
Hosted by Urban Edge Ceramics

Who Hired the Project Manager?
Coordinating the work of the design team and numerous consultants, and managing communication with the client, is no easy task, so why is the project manager seen as the villain of the design process? Let’s shine a positive light on this misunderstood role.
Moderator: Max Thomson, Spitfire Control
Byron George, Russell & George
Ingrid Bakker, Hassell
Kylie Caruana, Rothelowman
Shannon Peach, Milieu
Hosted by District

Designing for the Public
How the public perceives design often differs to how the industry does. Public architecture projects like the National Gallery of Victoria, Federation Square and Melbourne Pavilions show that the public is interested in good design, yet how is designing for the public different from designing for the private sphere?
Moderator: Angela Ferguson, Futurespace
Mark Healy, Six Degrees
Narelle Cuthbert, Plus Architecture
Nick Braun, SIBLING
Shaila Divakarla, GECA
Hosted by Interface

The War for Talent
How do you foster a sense of community in a working environment? How do you create somewhere that makes the best new and developing talent in any given field want to work there? What are the key elements that the latest generation of talent is looking for in a contemporary workplace?
Moderator: Max Thomson, Spitfire Control
Heidi Smith, Gray Puksand
James Grose, BVN
Kellie Payne, Bates Smart
Sue Fenton, Woods Bagot
Hosted by Cafe Culture + Insitu

The WorkLife and LiveLife Seminar Series is proudly sponsored by Scandinavian Business Seating and Herman Miller.